Upcoming workshops

Since the birth of our son, Luki,  we have no plans to travel, but we do offer sessions locally and from our home in Spain.

  1. Skpye/Zoom Sessions
    Frances Narayani offers one to one voicework/kirtan lessons on Skype/Zoom, for more details visit: www.francesnarayanibaker.com
    Mat offers Guitar and Percussion Lessons, for more details visit: www.matbakermusic.com
  2. One to One Sessions (Local)
    One to one sessions will be available in person from our home in voicework, kirtan, percussion and guitar.
  3. Personal Retreats
    Come on a personal retreat and stay in our yurt, you can come for as long or as short as you like and have one to one sessions in voicework, kirtan, percussion or guitar.


Mat has also recently launched his Rhythm into Stillness Workshops – for more information and free home practice videos please see his website: www.matbakermusic.com or like him on Facebook

We really hope we will see and sing with you again soon!

Sorry, no events were found, this usually means Narayani is behind in uploading events! Please check back with us shortly, drop us an email to ask or view all events.