Testimonials about Bhavana’s Workshops and Retreats

A big thanks to both you and Mat for creating such a safe, joyful and inspiring space for me to liberate my natural voice. After 30 years of being too shy to sing in public I overcame those fears in just one afternoon – and I’ve not stopped singing since! Thank you guys! 
Sam, Liverpool
I had a great time in this retreat! The voicework was fantastic, really opened up something which had been shut down for a long time. This felt very freeing. Narayani and Mat created a safe and inspirational environment and the group was fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
J.A Yoga and Sound Retreat, Finland 2015
It was one of the best experiences of my life. I would recommend this experience to anyone!
V.M Yoga and Sound Retreat, Finland 2015
Narayani is lovable, engaging and her voice is brilliant and strong. She is humble and unassuming. I felt challenged and inspired to rise to new places because of the strength of her voice and insight, and the warmth of the group that came together under her skilled facilitation. I have so many voices, and this one – the authentic one we studied – is the one that deserves most of my attention. Please don’t miss her if she travels nearby to you. Her workshop is a rare and beautiful experience.
DC, USA 2012
Narayani was amazing.  She was so skilled at creating a safe environment for us to explore our voices.  I found the inquiry amazing.  I felt at different times throughout the day deeply touched, full of vitality, balanced, empowered, and expressed.   I thought it might be scary but she gave us so much permission to do what we wanted, that I did not feel frightened.  I would highly recommend the experience.
S.M, USA 2012
The workshop was much more than I had expected.  Narayani put me in touch with much more than my voice I was exhilarated when I left. The energy in the room was remarkable and so very open.  Narayani made it fun, freeing, embracing, and very, very moving. It was a sweet group of “chosen people” and I appreciated the support and love that was so present.
BG, USA 2012
I didn’t really have an expectation of how the day would be when I booked it, although knew it would be challenging! The experience proved to be both amazing and terrifying and throughout the day I experienced so many different emotions from huge fear to a sense of calmness. It was an incredible journey of emotion for me and at times I felt deeply moved by the singing I witnessed. One of the things that struck me was how held, supported and safe I felt and how Narayani encouraged us to stay with whatever feelings we came with or whatever came up, that it was okay, even good to acknowledge those feelings. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with and yet, pushing through just small barriers with the huge support that Narayani gave, felt quite intoxicating. By the end of the day there was such a closeness within the group. It was a unique experience which still resonated in me long after I left; I felt an extraordinary sense of peace and a thirst for more!
GM, UK 2012

Testimonials about Narayani’s Courses

I have done two courses with Narayani and have really loved it.  It has helped me very much and strengthened my core.   She creates a really safe environment.  The sessions are stages carefully so that the group members feel comfortable with what they are doing.
FD, UK 2012