Workshops: Deepen the connection to your voice

Connect the “singing” outer voice to the  inner ‘voice’ of intuition, wisdom, peace and centredness through ‘yoga for the voice’. Create sound in new ways, chanting sacred mantras that illuminate aspects of our deeper selves and help you to love your unique voice.

Voicework offers you an experience of your voice, your unique expression, and sense of connection to a greater whole. In one to ones or workshops Narayani combines chanting, mantras, sound and song in a way that will both support and expand you. Mat brings a gentle, transformational quality with percussion and deep listening. The practices Narayani offers will bring out new voices and emotions. This helps to surface the patterns and habits that emerge when you seek to express yourself. Singing and sounding in this way helps to release stuck energy and emotions, leading to a sense of lightness, clarity- and often a new kind of stillness.

Voicework is safe and fun for people with no previous singing experience and rich enough to inspire and challenge those who have been practicing voice work regularly. You’ll learn how to use your voice as a tool for expressing what you really feel, accessing the inner ‘voice’ of wisdom at your centre.

Narayani skillfully combines ancient and modern techniques to open your voice and open your heart. These are based on the Indian chakra system which unites body and mind energetically, incorporating ancient spiritual mantras that are said to be infused with intention and universal power. They draw upon techniques taught by the Naked Voice and all combined serve to empower us in a group and as individuals.

Narayani offers workshop throughout the UK and Europe, as well as intensive courses and one to ones in Brighton and London. Mat frequently joins her to bring in a percussion element.

Testimonials about Narayani’s Workshops


Mat has also recently launched his Rhythm into Stillness Workshops – for more information and free home practice videos please see his website: or like him on Facebook