One to One Sessions: with Narayani

From September 2018

One to ones are available regularly by Skype
Individual or  2-7 day Intensive sessions are available in Orgiva, Spain 

Using Voice, Body Awareness and Deep Listening for Self Discovery and Transformation

These sessions are tailored uniquely for each person. Come for a single session to connect more deeply and access the power of your voice. Build confidence in your unique expression which will support you in your work, relationships and life. Come regularly, to work more deeply with your voice as a tool for transformation and healing, whether to resolve a specific emotional issue or as a tool for stepping into your personal strength and wholeness.

People who come for one to ones and workshops say that they experience a shift if their ability to communicate and also find a deeper sense of inner peace that affects all areas of their life.  Our  singing voices are a direct path to our emotions often held in our bodies unexpressed. Through using voice, both spoken and sung,  with awareness and deep listening we can explore and release stuck energy and emotions, leading us to inner and outer transformation.

There is no need for any previous singing experience or skill.

Kirtan Lessons

Learn to lead Kirtan in a small group or just to deepen you own practice. Classes are tailormade to suit the individual needs, explaining basic sanskrit and showing basic harmonium skills as well as building confidence in singing.