The Voice of Wisdom – Brighton!

Tue 13th Nov 2012

I will be offering a full day workshop in Brighton on the 27th January at the Acupuncture Clinic in Hove. I am taking bookings now so do come and join us!

The Voice of Wisdom
Learn to love your voice. Connect your outer voice to the inner ‘voice’ of wisdom, intuition, peace and centredness through ‘yoga for the voice’ with Narayani.

By deepening the connection to the voice, we can focus on learning to listen to our inner wisdom, the space inside ourselves that has no questions and to express ourselves authentically, accessing the inner ‘voice’ of wisdom at our centre.

This workshop will combine chanting, mantras, sound and song, using both ancient and modern techniques to openyour voice and open your heart. These are based on the Indian chakra system which unites body and mind energetically, incorporating ancient spiritual mantras that are said to be infused with intention and universal power.


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