Our new home in Spain

Sat 29th Oct 2016


Our new home


Its been just under 2 months since we made our move over to Spain. It was a rather epic journey with an overweight van, 2 cats and a problem with the van which meant we got a night in a rather nice hotel with our cats! We arrived at our new home at about midnight and realised we would not be able to get the van up the rather steep winding track, so left it in the village below and walked up 3 times with the cats and bedding for the night. We got to bed at 2am after 2 full days of travelling! The next day we had a team of wonderful helpers who helped get our belongings up into our house. It was about 40 degrees so quite a job, made more so by the fact that we have two flights of steps down to our house from our land where we park!

Since then we have been in the UK for 2 weeks and are coming back again in another 10 days for another two week stint. So it has been a little haphazard in arriving, but we are slowly finding our feet and feeling really happy with our move. It feels like we can get the best of both worlds by working and spending time in the UK and living in the warmth and slower pace of Spain.

Many of you already know that we have been trying, for nearly 5 years, to conceive a child unsuccessfully. It is not an easy journey, for any couple, to find it hard to conceive. However we both feel it has been a powerful and healing journey for us. It has been a major factor in our decision to move to Spain, to find a life that is more relaxed with lower stress, to give us the best opportunity to conceive in the last few years of my fertile time. We don’t know what the outcome will be and really do feel at peace with that. As I sit in my garden looking out at the mountains, in a t-shirt at the end of October, it really feels that our journey together has brought us to the most beautiful new home and to a life that feels so perfect for now. I remain hopeful that children will come, but if they don’t then our life will still be full and abundant with our work, friends, family and home.

Since we have been here, my parents have been to visit and kicked us into gear to get lots of work done on our land, so we have cleared and planted the first part of our allotment and planted 35 trees! 30 Cyprus which are to create a layer of privacy on our land from our neighbours (avocado farmers) and the road that is not too far away that is the route up to the famous white villages of Pampaneira, Bubión & Capileira. It does give us some road noise, although not too bad. We have also planted 3 avocado and 2 apple trees, with 5 more holes dug for more fruit!

Over the winter our plan is to renovate our casita (small house) which is near the entrance to our property so we can start to offer workshops from our home. We will also get a yurt and in time put up some other glamping type accommodation so we can start offering small retreats, both for Kirtan and Voicework. We will also welcome people who want to have their own personal retreats or holidays or who want to come and work one to one with either or both of us. The casita will have a kitchen and bathroom and we will turn the workshop space into a bedroom when we are not running events. Our vision for our home is that it will be somewhere for people to come and just be. So the next year or so for us will be about creating a space that can be that.

The community here, both Spanish and International are incredibly friendly and we feel really welcomed already, even though we really hardly know anyone! There is a strong alternative community which means all sorts of interesting things happen. Last week it was a Sacred Music festival which, although small, was really exquisite and inspiring. Tonight we are hosting our first Kirtan in Orgiva. Our friend, Paul Hurcomb, is running satsangs here as well this weekend.

So we will be back in the UK from the 11th of November, do come and join us if you can. We will be in London, Swindon, Bedford, Boston, Liverpool and Leeds (see our event page). Our next planned trip is mid March to the beginning of April. I will get the details of all the events up on our website shortly.

We look forward to singing with you soon.

Narayani and Mat x


Photos of our trip and our new home:


Mat loading the van!


The cats in their hotel room!


We got towed 200km from France to the garage in Spain!


One of the two flights of steps from the house to the land


The Casita to be renovated


The view from the casita


The field which will have a yurt and other accommodation (the casita is next to me when I took this photo).


The field that now has fruit trees planted and will have chickens!


Dad and Mat planting our first avocado tree


Planting ceremony of our first tree!

One response to “Our new home in Spain”

  1. Maya Gayle says:

    Congratulations on your move Matt & Narayani! Your story reminds us of our journey here in a camper ambulance with our yurt in the back from the UK with some fun hiccups on route. Impressed with your tree planting so quickly, amazing. It’s not an easy move to make here, takes courage & so worth while for the way of life here. Felix & I are also hoping to start a family soon, we are living in Yegen. See you for kirtan in Spain, with love, Maya