A wonderful Weekend at the Bhakti Festival

Fri 12th Aug 2011

Last weekend was the first Bhakti Festival in the UK. And it was amazing! HariPryari (Naomi Francis) did such an amazing job hosting the festival, there were almost no hiccups and the whole festival felt really well held. I think one of the biggest hiccups was the generator failing on Friday evening, meaning I had to do my Kirtan acoustically, which was actually a really wonderful experience, and fortunately I have a powerful enough voice to get away with it! Greatly helped by the wonderful musicians Lucy and Tom, and also Jahnavi and Tulsi Harrison who joined me for the evening with their angelic voices.

I think Jahnavi & Tulsi’s own Kirtans which they led on Friday afternoon and Satuday afternoon were one of my top highlights of the weekend. They have such incredible voices and devotion that you can’t help but be carried into a wonderful place with them. Liza Lilintahl was probably my next highlight, she got me and then the rest of the hall dancing very quickly which her wonderful voice and unique style of Kirtan.

I was hugely impressed by the incredible standard of Kirtan all weekend, it was really amazing to see the community develop and come together in this way. I met some really wonderful people and I don’t think I stopped smiling all weekend! As well as the Kirtans there were some amazing workshops, Lucy offered her Vedic Chant which was a wonderful experience, there were fire ceremonies, pujas, talks and workshops on Bhakti Yoga taking people to a much deeper understanding of why we do this wonderful practice, and of course plenty of yoga asana classes. I missed Dirish’s Shakti Dance as I was enjoying Liza’s Kirtan at the time, but I came out to see half the festival dancing outside the tents in the sunshine and have made a commitment to myself to make sure I get to one soon!

I look forward to many more Bhakti Festivals and the community coming together more and more to support and develop Bhakti Yoga in the UK.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful weekend!

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