2018 and Beyond – The Casita, One to Ones and Retreats

Tue 30th Oct 2018

Its been nine and a half months since Luki was born and Mat has finally finished the casita (well very nearly). It has been an incredible, intense, challenging, beautiful journey. Parenthood is such an extraordinary thing, its something so normal, that so many of us go through, yet it is totally and utterly life changing and remarkable on so many levels. I am sure we are not alone when I say we feel that we are simply not the same people we were 9.5 months ago.
Over the last three quarters of a year, motherhood has been the only thing I could think about, Luki has been all absorbing emotionally as well as physically. However in the last few weeks, I have felt like a mole sticking her nose out of the earth and sniffing the fresh air to see what might be there and what the world is doing. Slowly the desire to work a little again is arising. This, rather conveniently has coincided with Mat coming to the end of a year and a half long building project that has turned a grotty animal shed into a beautiful self contained living space – The Casita.So we wanted to email to let you know what our plans are and what we are now offering. We have decided that, certainly for the near and possibly longterm future, we will no longer tour in the UK or anywhere else. We are getting settled here in Spain and keeping things a little more simple! We would, however, really love you to come to us! The casita has been built primarily for this purpose. In time we will look to run group retreats again. In the meantime we are now offering personal bespoke voicework or kirtan retreats from March through to November each year. The casita is also available during that time for holiday rentals.Locally we will both be offering one to one sessions. I also offer sessions via skype. Mat teaches guitar and percussion for adults and children and I will be offering voicework one to ones and kirtan/harmonium lessons.   We will be starting regular Kirtan in Órgiva again in January. The first one will be 12th January, there after it will be on the first Saturday of every month at La Fuente as before. We are also part of a yoga day on the 20th December where we will be offering a Kirtan during the day (more details on this to follow).

If you would like any more information or would like to book a retreat or session, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Love and blessings

Narayani, Mat and Luki

Bhavana – 2018 and beyond

  1. Personal Retreats
    Come on an individual retreat and stay in our casita, you can come for as long or as short as you like and have one to one sessions in voicework, kirtan, percussion or guitar. Please contact us for prices to include sessions and accommodation.
  2. Holiday Let
    Our casita will be available to let for holidays between March and November. (Please see below for more information) Over winter we let it for 3-4 months for a longer stay.
  3. Skpye Sessions
    Narayani is now offering one to one voicework/kirtan lessons on Skype again.
  4. One to One Sessions (Bayacas, Spain)
    Voicework or Kirtan lessons with Narayani.
    Guitar and Percussion lessons with Mat for adults and children.
  5. Monthly Kirtan
    La Fuente, Orgiva – by donation
    12th January then 1st Saturday of every month – 7-8pm

The Casita

The casita is a beautiful self contained open plan cottage (casita means little house) with large living space, kitchen, shower and indoor compost toilet at the opposite end of the land to our house. It has a large wood burning stove to keep you cosy on colder nights and a large terrace so you can enjoy the spectacular scenery.

It is 30€ per night or 200€ per week to rent and is suitable for one person or a couple. Although if you are happy to share a room, the sofa bed does mean that you can fit children in too or share with a friend.

Please contact us for availability  and booking.