Enter the Heart – Day Retreat with Jenni Jones and Bhavana - Finished

joined by Jenni Jones

Sun 1st Oct 2017 at 10:00-16:00

Address: Kapucia Centre 27 Lord Street Liverpool L2 9SA
Contact: Jenni Jones by email 07879282479 Price: £50
A Day Retreat of Yoga, Sound, Mantra and Silence
A full day workshop with yoga and movement, sound and meditation to open up and enter into the chamber of the heart.
The heart centre: Anahata chakra, abundant with energy and our doorway to the divine and our own bliss.  This workshop will explore ‘heart based’ yoga and sound practices to guide you into the heart centre.
Jenni & Bhavana (Mat and Narayani) will combine over 30 years experience of yoga, silence, sound, mantra and Kirtan to bring you a beautiful heart opening journey.