Articles by Narayani

The Importance of Kindness – Narayani

Tue 28th Oct 2014

I have recently been contemplating the importance of kindness. It was initiated by watching a film called Lucy, where a woman gains access to the full use of her brain, but as her brain usage developed she lost all sense of kindness (and instead just killed lots of people). This film was not about spiritual… Read more »


Edges – Narayani (Poem)

Tue 21st Oct 2014

What is it the opens up the edges of beyond sending us spiralling into the unknown how do we stand and flow in the same breath allowing nothing to be alone the fullness of our joy from the deepest most lonely thoughts our darkness shadow shining light that we thought we never saw The edges… Read more »


Contemplating Devotion

Thu 23rd Jan 2014

During my recent trip to India I found myself contemplating devotion more deeply, a path I have been exploring for some years.  I want to share those thoughts and the journey I have had over the last ten years. From the first day I started singing Kirtan the split between my head and heart on… Read more »