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We have a choice…

Fri 10th Apr 2020

WE HAVE A CHOICE…   We have a choice in every moment. We can choose to feed fear, to go into our minds, to loose contact with ourselves and the simple acknowledgement of feeling. We can turn away from that which is eternal and real or we can choose not to. We are currently navigating… Read more »

Opening to the Mystery

Wed 25th Mar 2020

We are currently facing some of the most challenging and chaotic times that many of us have lived through. Many of us knew something was coming, although not knowing what. We, the human race, could not have continued in the direction we were without immense consequences. At some point something was always going to come… Read more »

Thoughts on Spiritual Hypocrisy

Sun 30th Jul 2017

I am getting really tired of spiritual hypocrisy, particularly in so called ‘spiritual teachers’. People masking their shadow and negative qualities in “love and light”, “om nama sivaya’s”, “om Shanti’s” or whatever other language or actions are used out there to allow us to manipulate situations and hide from our own imperfections.  People using their ‘spirituality’  as… Read more »

Our new home in Spain

Sat 29th Oct 2016

  Its been just under 2 months since we made our move over to Spain. It was a rather epic journey with an overweight van, 2 cats and a problem with the van which meant we got a night in a rather nice hotel with our cats! We arrived at our new home at about… Read more »


What’s in a name?

Tue 9th Feb 2016

You may well be aware that my birth name is not Narayani. It is Frances, but I have never really felt like a Frances, and I was only ever called it for a short period in my life, otherwise it was only when I was in trouble. Before Narayani, I was generally known as Frankie.… Read more »

meditating woman

Spiritual Practice – what is is really?

Wed 4th Nov 2015

Practice Not the high mountain monastery I had hoped for, the real face of my spiritual practice is this: the sweat that pearls on my cheek when I tell you the truth, my silent cry in the night when I think I’m alone, the trembling in my own hand as I reach out through the… Read more »

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Is Kirtan religion?

Tue 8th Sep 2015

I have recently become aware of a theme of articles around whether yoga is religion and it started me thinking about Kirtan.  Kirtan is slightly more trepidatious than physical yoga in this area, as its roots undoubtedly lie in the Hindu or Sikh religions, whereas, you can argue, that yoga does not. However, for me,… Read more »


Yesterday’s Tale

Sun 3rd May 2015

Mat and I just had a delicious 24 hours on retreat at home. It was a virtual retreat, part of my Poetry Medicine training that I am currently doing. It seems very precious to be able to find retreat space in your own home, something I have often imagined but until now, not had the… Read more »


Can we have the courage to be just wrong….about everything?

Wed 1st Apr 2015

I have recently embarked on an amazing course with Kim Rosen where we are exploring using poetry as medicine, for transformation and healing.  Each month we have to choose a poem to work with. This month I am working with a poem by Federico Moramarco called One Hundred and Eighty Degrees, which I only discovered… Read more »

Retreating…and time – Narayani

Mon 10th Nov 2014

  I have recently just returned from a wonderful 6 days “DEEP DIVE” retreat in Wales,with an incredible group of women, held by Jules Heavens, who works, amongst many things, with the Naked Voice (Chloe Goodchild) and poetry as a portal to awakening, transformation and healing as taught by Kim Rosen. It was an incredibly… Read more »